Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify
Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify

Restoration Companies in Indiana

Home and business owners in Indiana will contact a restoration company if their property becomes damaged from fire, flooding, strong winds, hail, or other common issues. These companies help rebuild and remediate any issues that the accident or event caused. If you have recently had an incident in your home such as a burst pipe, kitchen fire, or mold growth; then it is a good idea to contact a restoration company in your area to help with the problem.

The longer you wait to address the issue the more serious the problem will become. Most restoration companies in Indiana will work with insurance companies to keep your out of pocket costs at a minimum. From natural disasters to man-made problems, there is a business out there to help renovate and restore the area to the way it was prior to the damage occurring.

There are also crime scene cleanup companies in Indiana. These businesses are quite different from other restoration companies. They specifically handle situations where a violent crime or suicide occurred. Crime scene cleanup companies are more common in areas with a higher population density such as Indianapolis, South Bend, and Fort Wayne.

How Many Restoration Companies are in Indiana?

There are currently over 100 active and licensed restoration companies in Indiana. A majority of these companies handle issues related to storm damage, such as flooding and roof damage. There are others that specialize in one area of restoration while others will cover a wide variety of restoration projects; from fire and smoke to mold removal and remediation.

How Much Is Spent Each Year in Indiana on Restoration?

Wind damage, on average, accounts for 25% of all home insurance claims in Indiana. This is followed by fire damage which also makes up around 25% of all claims. Non-weather related water damage like a burst pipe or faulty hot water heater is responsible for about 15%. Then you have hail damage, theft, and foundation problems that make up the majority of other claims.

In all, Indiana spends over $1.5 billion each year on restoration services. Fire damage is typically the most costly, with average projects ranging from $5,000-$15,000. Water damage restoration costs in Indiana can be as little as a few hundred dollars for a small pipe leak to thousands of dollars for a serious flooding incident.

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