Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify
Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify

Restoration Companies in Maryland

Throughout Maryland there are restoration companies that help rebuild homes and businesses that were damaged by fire, water, strong winds, mold, and other common problems. No one ever expects their property to be damaged by a storm or a kitchen fire, but these things do happen. If you have recently had an event in your home or business do not wait to contact a restoration company in Maryland. The more time that passes with the problem remaining idle, the more serious the damage will become.

The most common natural cause of property damage in Maryland is wind, followed by rain/flooding. The state has hundreds of miles of land that meets lakes, rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean. Places that are closer to the water have a higher risk of flooding. Insurance will often help cover the cost of most restoration projects, but flooding is not typically part of a normal policy. If you live in a high risk area make sure you have added this to your policy.

How Many Restoration Companies are in Maryland?

There are currently over 125 restoration companies located in Maryland. A large portion of these businesses are located in Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, and Silverspring. There are still dozens of other restoration companies located in smaller, less populated areas of the state. Cities in Maryland, especially Baltimore, will also have crime scene cleanup companies. Places with higher crime rates need these businesses to restore areas that were impacted by violent crimes.

How Much Is Spent Each Year in Maryland on Restoration?

The amount of money spent on restoration projects throughout Maryland will increase subtainaikly if the state was hit by a strong storm. Blizzards, hurricanes, tropical storms, and nor’easters have caused billions of dollars of damage to Maryland over the years. Hurricane Isabel alone caused over $700 million in damage to the state. Each year more than $200 million is spent on restoration services in Maryland. This total comes from the damage caused by natural occurrences combined with household issues like a leaking pipe, fire damage, and mold infestations.

Restoration Companies by City in Maryland

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