Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify
Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify

Restoration Companies in Michigan

No one ever expects their home to be damaged by a fire, overtaken by mold, flooded with water, or damaged by strong winds, but these things do happen. When a room or property is damaged most people will contact a restoration company in Michigan. These businesses specialize in returning homes to their original condition prior to the incident that caused the issue. Whether it was caused by a storm, a faulty appliance, or by humans, the original cause of the problem doesn’t matter, the restoration method will be similar.

A strong storm or out of control kitchen fire can easily cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage to a property. Thankfully, most insurance policies will help cover the cost of restoration services in Michigan. Flooding is one of the few types of damage that can occur that is not covered under the typical home insurance policy. Homes and businesses that are close to the Great Lakes or in other high risk zones often have to add this coverage onto their policy.

How Many Restoration Companies are Michigan?

A majority of Michigan’s restoration companies are located in areas with higher populations. More residents leads to a great need for more of these businesses, especially for cities that have a lot of waterfront. Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing Warren, Ann Arbor, and Sterling Heights are home to over 10% of all the restoration companies in Michigan. Smaller and less populated towns are quite common throughout the state. These areas will typically have at least one of these businesses in the town or nearby. It is quite common for restoration companies to travel out of their area to be of service.

Places with higher crime rates will have crime scene cleanup companies. They go to places where a violent crime has occurred and remove any hazardous materials and liquids that might be present. They then thoroughly clean and disinfect the area and get it back to normal

How Much Is Spent Each Year on Restoration in Michigan?

One of the most common causes of property damage in the state is wind. Strong winds can easily knock down trees and tear off shingles. When strongs winds are combined with rain or snow, the amount of damage can increase significantly. Michigan residents don’t have to worry about earthquakes, hurricanes, or tropical storms, but they have faced their share of serious blizzards. Over $100 million is spent on restoration each year in Michigan when the damage caused by natural disasters is combined with other common property issues.

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