Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify
Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify

Restoration Companies in Mississippi

When someone’s home or business gets damaged they will typically reach out to a restoration company in their area for help. Mississippi restoration companies can help fix and rebuild properties that were impacted by storms, fires, mold, water, and a variety of other common issues. There are certain businesses that specialize in one area of restoration, while others will cover almost any type of project. It is common for smaller restoration companies in Mississippi to focus on one field and larger companies will cover three or more types of restoration services.

Wind damage is one of the more common reasons for someone to reach out to a restoration company in their area. Strong winds can easily knock down branches and tear off shingles. When strong winds are combined with heavy rain water damage can occur. When water damage isn’t addressed quickly, the chance of mold growing increases, which can easily lead to an infestation. It’s not just mother nature causing property damage, human error and old/faulty appliances and items can lead to some serious issues. No matter what the cause, there is a restoration company in Mississippi that can help repair the property to the way it was prior to the incident.

How Many Restoration Companies are in Mississippi?

More than 25% of restoration companies in Mississippi are located in either Jackson, Gulfport, South Haven, Hattiesburg, Olive Branch, or Biloxi. Areas with a higher population have a greater need for more companies; this also applies to towns that are located on the Gulf Coast or along the Mississippi River. The risk of flood damage occurring in towns that are near bodies of water is much higher than ones that are not. With over 100 restoration companies in Mississippi residents have a multitude of options available to them if their property is to ever occur damage.

Cities and towns with higher crime rates will also have crime scene cleanup companies. These businesses go to locations where a violent crime or suicide occurred. They remove any hazardous materials, clean, and sanitize the area.

How Much is Spent on Restoration Each Year in Mississippi?

When a hurricane or tropical storm hits the state the amount of money spent on restoration services that year skyrockets. Hurricane Camile hit the state in the late 1960’s and caused over $250 million in damage, Tropical Storm Lee caused around $3 billion in damage. Then you have Hurricane Katrina, which caused nearly $25 billion in damage to Mississippi, the worst in the state’s history.

Storms aside, there is still property damage caused by old water heaters, faulty wires, leaking pipes, human error, and a variety of other causes. Since 1965, on average, nearly $2 billion has been spent each year in Mississippi on restoration services.

Restoration Companies by City in Mississippi

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