Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify
Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify

Restoration Companies in Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma has varied temperatures throughout the year. While these variations have occurred historically, over the last year, the effects of mankind in nature have become a huge problem. Climate change in the state of Oklahoma is causing an increase in temperatures, due to global warming, and has more severe droughts and floods as a consequence. These abrupt changes and natural catastrophes can have serious effects on your property. Temperature changes can cause pipes to burst due to their constant dilatation and contraction and bigger disasters such as floods can even ruin your family’s belongings. However, for all the problems concerning your property, you can call Oklahoma’s restoration companies, who will offer their professional service. No matter what the problem is at your commerce or household: from a water leak to the destruction caused by a hurricane, Oklahoma restoration companies have all the solutions you may need.

The state of Oklahoma is known for having a humid climate, especially due to the moist air wind takes from the Gulf of Mexico. You might ask, what problems can this cause to my property? Dump and moist environments are perfect for fungi to grow in. It is very likely to have mold in the walls of your house if you live in Oklahoma and you are not constantly maintaining your house. But don’t worry: Oklahoma has certified restoration companies that can deliver the solutions you need to clear your house and keep it safe from mold. Checking constantly for mold should be a homeowner’s responsibility. Mold can have negative effects on your family’s health. When mold appears, you will need professional help to get completely rid of it. Oklahoma’s restoration companies are professionally equipped for the job.

How much is spent on restoration in Oklahoma each year?

Oklahoma’s average insurance premium is $4,445, the highest rate in the US. The national average for household insurance is 2,305. Oklahoma is located in the center of a region known as “Tornado Alley” which is constantly hit by severe tornadoes and severe hailstorms. Since 1950, Oklahoma has had around 4,000 tornadoes. In 2019, the damages caused by floods, storms, and tornadoes in one month was $64 million. To add, the state is vulnerable to floods, hail, and other damaging weather events. Due to the enormous amount of natural disasters that have hit Oklahoma, it’s no surprise that it has high insurance premiums.

How many restoration companies are there in Oklahoma?

The number of certified restoration companies in the state of Oklahoma raises to around 70. These are bare an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which is evidence of the professionalism with which they work. They offer a variety of services: from Fire and Smoke Restoration to Carpet Cleaning Technicians. Restoration companies work with experienced and professional technicians which will solve damages on your property accurately and in no time.

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