Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify
Your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, call now to see if you qualify

Restoration Companies in Houston, TX

Houston is the biggest city in Texas, and one of the most expansive and populated cities in the entire U.S., located along the upper Texas Gulf Coast. Built mainly over marshes and swamps, its hot and humid climate often causes problems for homeowners, who have to deal with mold infestations and water damage. A little known fact about the city is that it’s built right on top of a fault line; There are no recorded episodes of seismic activity in the area, but scientists do not disregard the possibility for some episodes of that sort in the future.

As the city lies on the Gulf of Mexico, it has a small chance of being hit by hurricanes or tropical storms every hurricane season (from June to November). Especially during the months of June and September, the presence of severe rainstorms is usually the cause of floods, which sometimes can affect properties and businesses. The region is crossed by rivers that help with the draining, but sometimes the amount of water precipitating during storms can be overwhelming, and the authorities have not yet found a consistent answer to this issue.

During the spring months, it is not uncommon to witness small tornadoes during severe weather, with enough strength to damage constructions.

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Restoration Statistics in Houston, TX

Fire Damage:

The city of Houston averages up to 5,000 fires per year.

Flood Damage:

Floods are the city’s greatest concern when it comes to climate-related hazards. According to the Baker Institute, nowadays there is a considerable flood expected to recur, on average, once every two years.


The normal annual precipitation measures 49.77 inches. In the months of May to October, the city experiences its wet season, when most of these precipitations occur. June and September are usually the rainiest months, with an average of 5.9 and 5.7 inches, respectively.

Wind Damage:

Houston experiences several high wind events each year. On average, at least five tornadoes can appear in the area per year, but usually, these are typically weak and short-lived.

Hail Damage:

On average, hail can precipitate about 3 or 4 times per year somewhere in the city limits.


After Hurricane Harvey struck, mold infestations have become commonplace in Houston. So much so, that mold-related respiratory conditions have increased by 16%

Violence/Crime Scene Cleanup:

The crime rate in Houston is of 52 per one thousand residents. This city has one of the highest crime rates in America: the chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in 19.